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Responsive Website Designing

How to make responsive websites?

First we get to know about what is responsive websites?

In early 2000 people used to with desktop's and laptops. They use their desktop's to surf web. Later mobile devices and tablets became in the market.

By the time people starting use of the internet on their mobile and tablets. They used these devices to surf on the internet and mailing to the client, or for jobs and quite a few things.

At that time websites are like a big thing means you need to scroll all over the screen to read one paragraph or see something in that website. That's why people prefer desktop's to surf the internet. They used to went to cyber cafe's and do their work.

To resolve this issue and for the convenience of the people who love to browse on the internet on their gadgets. The responsive website came in reality.


Here is the simple definition of the responsive website.

"Responsive webdesign (RWD) is an approach to webdesign that makees web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes."

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How responsive websites work:

There is no special working but you can align your images and text to the most convenient level of the viewer so a viewer can at least read the content check our website and can understand the website USP.

The responsiveness of the website maintained by media queries in the CSS. There are many platforms which can show you responsive website without writing a single line CSS code. That is called frameworks, includes bootstrap, WordPress and many more.

How do I create a mobile version of my website?

If you are the web developer you can use CSS to make the mobile version of your site or else you can use bootstrap for the same but then you need to rebuild your desktop version also, better way use CSS.

If you are not a developer hire one or an agency to develop your mobile version of the website. Want to Hire Your's Click Here