Superior Typography for Responsive Website designing company in pune

Superior Typography for Website and Graphic Designing

What is typography

Typography is the are and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable and appealing when displayed on website or in graphics.

The arrangement of type involces selection size points, typeface or font family, length, line-spacing, letter-spacing and spaces between words.

Why is typography important in design?

The importance of Typography in Graphic Design :

Typography in graphic design I can say in website design too! strongly affect how people react to your graphic or website design. Careful selection of fonts, alignment, line-spacing, word-spacing make the positive effect on the reader or viewer of your graphic and website design.

Is there any chance to increase viewers by using superior typography?

YES! definitely...

We are always trying to find something new, crazy in each and every aspect of life that's why. It will surely turn the look and view of your viewers.

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