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Website Design and it's Types.

Design is the process of thinking creatively and make it live which design we thought and expect. It is the process of collecting ideas, inspirations, latest trends, brand requirements etc. We at YDMC invent new designs with client suggestions and requirements. We love to think creatively and creating and implementing new designs.

we are discussing all web design layouts because, you need to know which type website is suitable for you and your business.

Types of Layouts:

Static Page Layout:

It is a fixed width layout, it will not change with the browser width it remains the same width. You cannot update the content of a static website. It takes less time to upload because of its smaller size than any other type of websites. When you want to see this website in mobile or tablet, you need to zoom in the text to read.

Dynamic Website Layout:

Dynamic websites are basically websites in which client have admin panel from where they can add, remove the content like images or text. It can be simple or complex as per clients needs. It can be in JavaScript, jQuery, PHP or .net or we can use multiple types of CMS available in the market.

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Fixed design Layout:

Fixed design layout is basically a layout which has a fixed width of commonly used resolution. The most commonly used resolution assumed in 1024x768. Its components, text, images and parts inside the website have fix width, so it does not fall together on the screen.

Responsive design Layout:

Most popular type of website design layout nowadays is a Responsive design Layout. Responsive designs work across different display devices like mobiles, tabs and different types of desktops. These websites are easy to navigate, easy to read content on the website and easy to access. Its most user-friendly type of the design layout.

Liquid or Fluid design Layout:

When we resizing the browser content in the website automatically adjust itself with the browser width is called Liquid or Fluid Design Layout. It is time spending work for designers to adjust this design with all major used types of the devices or client specific devices. But After all work the results are tremendous.

Single page design Layout:

It is just a single page design scrolls up and down for particular sections. Single page websites are popular nowadays because of its simplicity and less content and less congested. They are well-designed websites for startups and single owner of the small firm. It is well designed and more compatible with all browsers.

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